Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Might Like To Give Someone Ten Today...

For two or three years now, I've asked people who've emailed me for a copy of the little book How To Live Well On A Small Income to go out onto the street or to their supermarket, to find a complete stranger who appears down and out.
And to give them ten dollars or pounds or krona or euro or whatever currency they live with.
Then if they agree to do that, they send me their postal address and I send them
a copy of the little book.
It's a simple, random act of kindness that can make our world a better place.
I've received many many wonderful responses, even a youtube clip, from people who've given a ten away. Heartwarming are the stories of how they met this young mum in the supermarket who didn't have enough cash at the checkout or of the particular man on the street.
Many want to just keep on giving and are, according to what they can afford.
So I thought today being April 10,
it's an appropriate day to start
'Give Someone Ten Today'
Perhaps you'll take part in it, if not today, then another day or if and when you might feel like it.
Maybe we can start a world wide event and those that can will, Give Someone Ten Today...


  1. Seeing I have a copy of your little book I will see who I can find. Let you know.

  2. It's a lovely thing to do - your purse becomes lighter and your heart warmer...!

  3. For the ones who haven't tried it yet I say: Join the event, and you'll discover how easy it is to create happiness, to cross borders between strangers, and to communicate and to laugh together. But there is a risk. The practice can lead to dependence.

    1. Yes, Hanne - "The practice can lead to dependence" i am glad you mentioned that, that is something i have encountered and have had to make detours in my travels walking downtown.

  4. Got my $10 and went looking today, no one yet but ready to go, great idea.

  5. but I have been doing that without ever seeing Your book, and long before even seeing a p.c..... and the world still insists on being what it always has been......

  6. Great idea... Give and receive and meet people in the process.

  7. I'm afraid I haven't got ten bucks. Even this cell phone I'm on is a loaner. Maybe when my luck turns up I'll be flush enough to live on a small income.

  8. I sent Xmas presents to a group that were giving gifts to those without last Xmas

  9. did this a while back at the grocery store. young mom who didn't even speak my language was deciding between bread, milk, cheese....what could she do without? I asked the clerk to put what she didn't have the money for onto my bill. The young woman asked the clerk how she would ever find me to pay me back. I told her that someday, when she could, to do the same for someone else. She went home with the food she needed, and my heart felt lifted. I had done something good that day. Everyone should try this. Now I keep extra blankets in my car for the homeless I see. It isn't all about money. It's about caring for someone other than ourselves.

  10. The Freecycle Network which is at Not cash giving but this a network of more than 8 million people who have an idea on how to live on a small income by offering at no cost to each other the items they don't need. Anyone can ask for what something they do need. But remember one thing, the goal is to do this activity within one's own nearby neighborhoods so that gas is not guzzled and the environment is helped by saving resources.

  11. Thank you for giving me the courage to come fort to strange people and offer something - it is not easy as one might think. You must be careful not to hurt someones pride, and on the other hand you have to be ready to be attacked. It is not easy to carry the burden of poverty, especially when it comes to hunger and cold - many fall into hatred and aggression.
    The night before Christmas I've prayed for a person whom I can help, and just before midnight I've stopped the car and offered a ride to a dark skinned man who carried too heavy bags on his way out of a town. This is not the advice to anybody, it might have been dangerous (if that man would try to stop the taxi and wave with the money, no taxi would take him), but I've heard my Angel so clearly: go and help this man! - and I felt comfort and warmth in my soul to do that.
    Finally this Gypsy came in and I drove him 10 km to his... dwelling, where I met his tribe. They are the poorest people you can imagine, and it's visible that govt. wants them perish. Also they love and respect each other and life in general. The next day I collected full trunk of necessities for children and housing, actually I SHARED what I have with them. And I continue to collect.
    The proof that my feeling was correctly interpreted is this: while I was driving him, he said: "I am a new born Christian, you know." "Me too." - and in a minute we were praying and we thanked God for our encounter. This means that Faith, and trouble and desire to follow Jesus footsteps is the first and most important thing that Gypsy wanted to tell about himself.
    Standing in his shoes, that's the hardest path he could have chosen. He is a very brave man (although it is not visible from a side) and I am honored I can continue to help his family.
    Greetings from frozen Croatia (at New Year night was - 20 C/-4,0000 F!) Sonja