Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Annie Ling's Images Show People Living In 64 Sq Ft At Chinatown's 81 Bowery In New York...

While the thought of living in small spaces is a big idea for some there are many for whom tiny living is much less of a lifestyle choice and in fact no choice at all.
Annie Ling captured this reality in a series of images taken at New York's 81 Bowery in Chinatown before it was closed down in 2013.
The Chinese immigrant workers were housed in 64sq ft cubicle apartments.
But even those are luxury compared to these folk in Hong Kong living in a miniscule 40sq ft.
The folk at the Bowery had at least a tight knit community and a crucial support system.
Now having been evicted the bewildered tenants have even less.
In this instance, less is definitely not more...


  1. I guess it all comes down to freedom to make a choice.Or maybe just having a choice. the choosing for one's self. I know its not the actual ... having lived in both large and small.

  2. This is not merely somebody's bad fortune. It's something that people do to each other. Poverty is violence, as Gandhi said.

    And it's what gives me pause about the tiny house trend. It can so easily be abused. I'm afraid that in promoting it, we may be inviting this sort of thing.

    1. Val, sadly, 'this sort of thing' has been going on long before tiny house living became a trend of choice. This is poverty on an abusive scale. Maybe the tiny house movement can help highlight these wretched conditions illuminated by the very act of choice versus no choice.

  3. That man looks so sad