Monday, April 14, 2014

And The Winner Of The Best Shed In The UK Is...

Quick, pass me the envelope!
And the winner of the award for the very best shed in the UK in 2013 and the first prize of a thousand pounds goes to Alex Holland applause applause and his beautiful little boat-topped shed situated in the Cambrian mountain range near Marchynlleth in Mid Wales.
Some of you are old enough to remember and yet not too old to forget that Alex's wonderful shed featured here last year.
The Flying Tortoise does know how to pick a winner when it sees one.
Congratulations Alex.
To the other winners, Clare Kapma-Saunders and her Queen Emma Galleon, David Lifton and his Tardis, Abigail Walker of Pangbourne  in Berkshire and her Nissen Hut Styled Shed. Marcus Shields and his sustainable Eco Shed with it's wildflower roof and retired Guerilla artist Luke Hollingworth known as Syd from Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Congratulations
And to all the other Sheddies and Sheddites who entered Cuprinol's Best Shed Competition, thankyou for entering and we'll look forward to seeing who wins what next year...


  1. I love the shape and colour of the nissan hut shed. It reminds me of a nissan hut on the Orkneys in Scotland that was decorated by Italian prisoners of war to be used as a catholic chapel. It's beautifully painted and still preserved.

  2. Nissan hut & the galleon get my vote for originality & livability. The winner just looks like an upside down boat, housing a lot of clutter.

  3. Long live individuality, quirkiness and sheddies.
    Essential for creativity physical & Emotional health!