Friday, April 11, 2014

Police In Pakistan Arrest Nine Month Old Mohammed Khan For Murder And Throwing Stones...

The world has gone mad but you know that.
The police in Pakistan accused nine month old Mohammed Mosa Khan, no relation to Lloyd Khan but who knows, even though the name is spelled differently there is a resemblance - of conspiring to murder, throwing stones at police and interfering in state affairs.
Looking at this hardened criminal sucking on his bottle of milk while sitting on his granfather's knee you too would be inclined to think he's guilty. He's got that look about him hasn't he.
Mohammed was arrested and finger printed along with thirty other people in a raid as police tried to capture a group of thieves in Lahore recently.
As a first offender the Minister of Justice may intervene and let him off with a warning perhaps.
But watch out Mohammed.
Those who throw stones, shouldn't.
And if you don't believe me there's more on Mohammed and the farcical situation here...


  1. The Devil lives there.He loves His other falling angles to rounding up all children.

  2. I agree with Taylor Taylor: The "head demons" over this country & others are determined to follow Satan's plan to conquer the hearts & minds of all mankind.

  3. It's a slam dunk. They can't be too tough on bad seed like that one. Another great job well done, inspector Clousot!

  4. Gone completely bonkers , how can they be taken seriously if they do idiotic stuff like that