Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Halfbike. A New Alternative Cycling Concept...

We see the Halfbike as a minimalist alternative for inner city folk tired of traffic holdups and who want another sort of commuting experience says Martin Angelov, inventor of the Halfbike and co-founder with Mihail Klenov of Kolelinia Lab.
Essentially a tricycle, that you stand up on, it combines the functions of pedaling and braking with the upright steering position of a Segway.
There are as with most things, pluses and minuses. It's great for fitness, visability and excellent control on those short commuter trips.
To steer, simply lean in the direction you want to turn and go for it.
It's easy too, to take on public transport or to carry by hand. It's not so good for bringing home shopping from the supermarket.
There's more about it here and it's for sale here.
But no, not at half price...