Monday, December 31, 2012

The Sun Goes Down On The Year That Was...

2012 was a year when, according to some,
the world was going to end. And for some, it did.
Some of us consider any day spent above ground and breathing a good one.
Some days are better than others but
all of them are damned good as far as I'm concerned and I'm thankful for all of them.
To all of you who've been following
The Flying Tortoise, thankyou for being aboard.
It's been a delight and a pleasure to post material that I've hoped would entertain, inform, amuse and inspire over the past year...
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

In New Zealand We're Teaching Old Dogs New Driving Tricks...

Ginny, a Whippet Cross, Porter a Border Collie Cross and Monty a Giant Schnauzer just happened to be three of the abandoned dogs that abound in New Zealand.
The SPCA decided to try and teach a few of their homeless dogs some skills to up the profile of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and to change the public's perception of the intelligence of rescued dogs.
Who knows, there may be some openings for these canny canines as taxi drivers or racecar drivers or, or, or airline pilots.
The well known and world acclaimed animal trainer Mark Vette who's team have trained animals for Lord of The Rings and The Last Samurai have been preparing the pooches for their live performance on NZ television.
It's hard to concentrate on doing things right said Monty, who became the world's first driving dog, when all these back seat drivers are yelling and cheering and taking photos. It's not really such a big deal 'cause in New Zealand, political animals run the country, but not very well, a bit like performing seals really.
And if you're really lucky you might even see a flying tortoise.
You can see more here Monty, here Porter, here Ginny...

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Bao House. A Tiny Lightweight Mobile Living Space. Made In China...

The Bao House is a pedal-powered lightweight living space, made from sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF).
Dot Architects were asked to design a mobile living space that was human powered for the  
Get It Louder 2012 Exhibition of Art
at Sanlitun Village in China's Beijing.
Two metres square, and looking like a giant quilted cube, the Bao House is more of a transformation of a commonly used material rather than an experiment in mobile living.
And that's just as well.
While the material is water resistant and offers wonderful thermal insulation, SPF is made of petrochemical materials, is expensive, is non renewable, non recyclable and is highly toxic.
The front slides open to create a doorway and the roof is made from transparent polycarbonate to allow light in.
The padded cell has a mattress on the floor and can sleep three.
It certainly doesn't tempt me...

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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Bold Bright And Beautifully Bohemian Tiny House On Wheels...

Whoever owns this bold, bright
and beautifully Bohemian tiny house on wheels would enjoy a vibrant and colourful life.
And what more could you want.
Your own taste in colour and style on the inside and Nature's beauty waiting for you in the great outdoors...

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Not A Bicycle. It's Not A Car. It's The Delightful Little Elf...

It's really a three-wheeled, fibreglass, electric assist velomobile that goes a long way to fill the niche between a bicycle and a car.
And it offers advantages over both.
Rob Cotter, the man behind the Elf's maker, Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina is touting the Elf as the cleanest and most efficient vehicle on the planet.
This very cute little vehicle is designed to carry both the rider and cargo inside a weatherproof shell that comes complete with lights, indicators, mirrors and a solar panel atop the sliding roof that charges thebattery. Or you can charge up by plugging into an electrical outlet
There's more about the little Elf family here...

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It Could Be True. An Apple A Day Just Might Keep The Doctor Away...

Robert DiSilvestro, Professor of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University and a leading researcher at the university's Agricultural Research and Development Centre says they got tremendous results against the 'bad' cholesterol LDL with patients eating just one apple daily for four weeks.
Better results were achieved with an apple a day than with superstar antioxidants like cumin, green tea and tomato extract.
It has to be said that the research was funded by the Apple Industry but it could well be that by eating one organic apple a day you  may well be lowering the level of blood chemical linked to hardening of the arteries.
There's more crisp and juicy information here...
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This Delicious, Healthy, Easy To Make Rubic's Cube Christmas Cake Is For You To Enjoy...

This Rubic's Cube Christmas Dessert Cake
is not only delicious but it's healthy, low fat and
so easy to make.
Cut some Kiwifruit, Watermelon and Feta Cheese into cubes. Arrange them however you like and enjoy.
It's the easiest, tastiest Rubic's Cube ever.
Dessert solved. Merry Christmas...
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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Beautifully Designed Little House. Strictly For The Birds...

I really like cute and clever bird houses
and I also like simplicity of design.
This little wooden birdhouse fills all the criteria for a functional and a beautiful piece of art.
The hanging strap could be improved on though.
Young Spanish designer Andreu Carulla who designed this delightful modular Neighbirds Nest has just been nominated for the Elle Decor International Design Awards 2012.
It's the sort of thing a DIY person would have fun making over the holidays...

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Watch Out. Photographer Wes Naman Might Do This To You...

We've probably all done it for fun,
taken a strip of scotch tape and stuck it on ourselves or someone else, squashing a nose, distorting some lips.
Well watch out for Wes.
New Mexico based photographer  Wes Naman has created Scotch Tape, a funny, often grotesque portrait series of people's faces contorted by some invisible tape.
He's always on the lookout for another victim.
Woops, I mean subject... 

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