Sunday, April 20, 2014

Move Over In The Bed Darling, The Train's Coming...

The trick to living a long, happy and accident free life in the old residential district in Vietnam's Hanoi is to have the train schedule well and truly imprinted on your DNA.
That way you'll know when to stop sitting having a drink on the tracks, you'll know instinctively when to move your moped, stop preparing a meal or move the awning attached to your street market out of the way.
This remarkable up close and very personal railway system cuts through the old town to Long Bien Bridge and while you're dreaming between the sheets, the train is meandering it's way through the streets.
It's all right darling, it's safe to roll over now...


  1. Well I bet it safer than living on a street full of cars....quieter too? Less polluted?

  2. I assume these trains move & safety freaks better look elsewhere! I think I'd rather live with those trains than the constant flow of lorries, buses , cars, motorbikes, police cars, ambulances etc than trundles all days at the end of my garden!!

  3. Mmmm... Not much room on my side of the bed... Or anywhere else for that matter!

  4. Between the tracks commerce everywhere. Notice the food.Monsanto must be jealous. Mr Agent Orange real food, real people.Love them people.

  5. there is such tenderness in Your comment -

  6. So unreal that a train track should run through streets like that!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Anita.