Saturday, April 5, 2014

If You're Thinking Of Building A Recycled Plastic Bottle House...

If you're thinking about building your own tiny house or shed from recycled plastic soda bottles there's lot's of information out there.
Back in 2011, Nigeria's first one was made with this plastic consumerable that otherwise might might have ended up in a landfill or worse as a pollutant to our oceans.
With literally millions of these soda bottles littering our countrysides we need constant reminders that they are not just waste but a valuable resource for us to use.
In the Nigerian situation, the free bottles were filled with sand or soil and the thickness of the bottle lined walls makes them earthquake resistant and even bullet proof. Which will be handy for those who live in dodgy areas.
And the interior's temperature can be maintained at a most enjoyable temperature all year round.
So what's stopping you...


  1. I like that you keep re minding us Keith

  2. Beautiful.Beautiful people doing beautiful work.

  3. And they're cute as a red wagon!

  4. It's the Earthship thing. Seems to work well. The color of the earth showing through the bottles looks kinda nice.

  5. A wonderful thing to do with materials that would otherwise clog up the earth and oceans as garbage.
    Unfortunately in New Zealand probably get stopped from building like this by silly council resource consents.