Friday, August 31, 2012

You'll Be Able To Ride This Cute Little Tripod-Velomobile Soon...

The Velomobile is a fun form of transportation.
It's really a human powered recumbent tricycle with full body fairing to increase its aerodynamics and give the rider some protection.
In this velomobile, the rider sits upright to be able to see what's going on around him or her. Handy really.
It's got a full electric lighting system, horn, windscreen wiper and a high-visibility flag.
While it's intended to be pedal driven, it's also got a 500 watt electric motor for power assist.
This cute little machine is going into production sometime soon.
Check out more information here...

Technical difficulties still persist. 
Displaying more than one photo is a problem.
Using another method I'm able to display one image but other bloggers and myself are still waiting for Picasa/Google to remedy the situation.
But one image is better than none... 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

There Wasn't Anything Wrong But They're Fixing It Anyway...

There was nothing wrong with Blogger
but hey, what would I know.
Things have to be constantly updated and improved and I'm very pleased and thankful for Blogger having that attitude.
But sometimes when someone messes with something that isn't broken, it gets broken.
It's Murphy's Law.
It's difficult to talk to anyone about the problem,
I guess they're aware of it and, as has happened many times before, it will get fixed.
Patience is a virtue they say and that's what's called for.
Now where will I get some of that...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Have Some Technical Difficulties Today...

I'm sorry. For some technical reason,
I can't upload photo images today.
I've got my people talking to their people
so if you can just talk to your people...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Michael Jantzen's Latest M-Velope Shelter...

Michael Jantzen has featured here before.
He's a brilliant conceptual, architectural designer.
An artist and inventor of spaces that are not only relocatable but they're transformable and reconfigurable too.
Michael Jantzen has developed his M-Vironment systems giving life to the M-House below and just recently, the M-Velope Shelter shown above.
You can see more of this man's amazing architectural art here...

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Motorhomes From The Good Old Days...

These were someone else's Good Old Days when life was, well, different. Back then people had their dreams to turn into their realities and places to go too.
Someone in Ohio had this old Model TT Ford.
Mr W.A. Harris and his family from Texas had the Chevrolet motorhome.
And Charles Kellogg had his motorhome named Travel Log, a hollowed out trunk of a large Redwood tree weighing 6000 pounds and attached to a truck chassis.
Those were their days...

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The Flying Tortoise Goes Red In The Bedroom...

Not being content with The Flying Tortoise just having a red bottom, I've just had this gorgeous Rich Red duvet cover and pillowslips made for the bedroom.
I'm obviously going through some sort of change of life phase, not sure what it might mean from a Freudian perspective but who cares.
I did it to match the Geraniums...

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Woman Will Show You Something You've Always Wanted To See...

Admit it. You've always wanted to see this but have been too embarrassed to ask.
How to separate the egg yolk from the white using a simple plastic water bottle.
Today's your lucky day.
It's sooooo simple, so clever and so funny
that you'll want to watch how this woman does it over and over again.
And again...

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Delicious Campfire Treat. Chocolate Cake Baked In An Orange...

Does this look delicious or what!
You might like to visit Root Simple. I was over there recently, it's a new blog I'm following, one that's devoted to back to basics living.
While there, I found a few recipes for some wonderful campfire treats.
Here's the one for delicious
Chocolate Cake Baked In An Orange.
Cut the tops off ten oranges and scoop out the pulp. Fill the oranges three quarters full with chocolate cake mixture then put the orange tops back on. Wrap each orange in aluminium foil then place each orange on the smouldering coals of the campfire avoiding any intense flames. Cook for about thirty minutes turning once or twice.
There's six other yummy recipes here.
Did I mention they were non fattening...
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Friday, August 24, 2012

The World's Fastest Mini...

It's a scene that comes from the wonderful movie, The World's Fastest Indian, the story of 63 year old Burt Munro from New Zealand's Invercargill, who in 1962, set off with his Indian Scout motorcycle he'd bought in 1920 to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with virtually no money but plenty of boundless enthusiasm and persistence.
In the movie starring Anthony Hopkins as Burt, we see him fighting his way through red tape and bureaucracy to even be able to race and then, watch as the little man from 'down-under' overcomes all odds to realise his dream and attain a speed of 295kph.
This  record set then in 1967 still stands today.
Now, many years later, with the same 'kiwi ingenuity' and Burt's inspirational do-it-yourself attitude, a group of New Zealanders have taken a little 1964 Mini Cooper and, a few days ago, set a new world record at the famous Flats.
Like Burt they had to fight to get through the initial clearances to actually race but they did and they raced and raced and they won.
They raised the bar and set a new world record.
Their little Mini smashed the previous world land speed record of 205kph for cars under 1000cc when they averaged 235.9kph on their first two runs. After setting the record, they had another run of 252kph.
Burt had said 'Anyone with money can go and buy something new and go fast but it's more fun to take something old and go faster'.
Meanwhile back at the bar...

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Extreme Off-Road Campers That Might Excite You...

If your Freedom Camping dreams
take you far far away from the tar-seal.
If those dreams and desires include going off the beaten track to places where few have been before you or are unlikely to ever go.
If exploration and adventure spin your wheels,
then have a look at this Popular Mechanics site.
There's some great ideas there.
Some of them just might excite you...

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hugging For Peace...

This young man is trying to make the world a better place in general and relations between Korea and Japan especially.
Hugging for Peace.
Such an audacious thought!
He features on this YouTube video holding his sign and encouraging people to hug.
It's the sort of thing we could all do.
The well known lyrics from the song 
Man in The Mirror include 'If you want to make the world a better place - take a look at yourself in the mirror - and make a change - Start with the man in the mirror - I'm asking him to change his ways'.
I wonder, do you think it could work?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Help Save Russia From Yourself Vladimir...

I don't wish to tell you how to run your country
Mr Putin, well, that's not quite true, maybe I do.
I guess nobody's ever told you that the world in general and Russia in particular would be better places without your bullying tactics and repressive regime.
I'm sure you're aware of Freedom of Speech.
Of course you are.
You say and do what you like all the time.
The people of Russia Vladimir, are entitled to the same liberties. But hey, I know you're busy, it's probably something you've just overlooked.
Look Vlad, I'm very aware that there are many other leaders who've got carried away by their own importance and have a lot to answer for too. Yes, their records when it comes to Human Rights leave a lot to be desired and
when I can find the time I'll be talking to them
on that very issue.
But today it's your turn Vlad.
You can be such a Pussy sometimes you know.
If there's anything you'd like to chat about or think I might be able to help at all, just email me...
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Winners Of The National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest 2012...

The winner - Butterfly by Cedric Houin.
This image is from the Kyrgyz lands of the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.
The yurt's interior is in stark contrast to the harsh envionment in which this family lives.
They and other members of their tribe live weeks away from any village.
In spite of being located at an altitude of 4,300 metres in one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan, they're equipped with solar panels, satellite dishes and cellphones.
Ancestral ways of living with touches of today.
Second - My Balloon by Vo Anh Kiet.
H'mong children play with their balloons on a foggy day in Moc Chau Son La Province, Vietnam.
Third - Devotees by Andrea Guameri.
Holy /easter celebrations in Trapini, Italy.
Fourth - Looking Into Another World by Fred An.
The Great Japanese Maple Tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon.
You can see more of the marvellous images including the Merit Winners here...

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