Friday, April 18, 2014

The Simple Beauty Of The Traditional Shepherd's Hut...

The Shepherd's Hut was originally used in the early nineteenth century by shepherds during the lambing season.
Their heavy duty cast iron wheels enabled them to be pulled from field to field and the huts themselves were often constructed with corrugated iron over wooden frames.
Lambswool was often used as insulation.
A simple shelter, usually with a hinged stable door, the small space was a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, sitting room and storeroom all rolled into one.
Of course, they all had a woodstove in one corner for warmth and for cooking.
A tiny home on wheels.
Nowdays every man and his dog wants one...


  1. A dream to have one of those. I have the wheels and some of the materials to make one.

  2. That is called living and traveling simply. They do have their be

  3. I don't think those iron wheels would be too good on a paved road.

  4. buddy of mine is starting to build something quite like those, but on a modern trailer frame for highway travel.

  5. Lovely... The new and the old and the lovely views.

  6. Love the double doors and Dutch doors...what a difference light makes.