Friday, April 25, 2014

Zentai. It's Japan's Latest Fashionable Fad...

Like most social groups and clubs, the Tokio Zentai Club gets together to share social activities, like barbeques, walking in the park, scaring the hell out of people and generally minding their own business and having fun.
Unlike most social groups and clubs, the Tokio Zentai Club members are clad in head to toe
skintight Lycra.
These anonymous folk are practicing the art, if it can be called an art, of Zenshintaism by wearing clothing called Zenshintaitsu or Zentai for short which means 'full body suit'.
But you probably knew that. And that these people could well be called Zenshintaists.
I made that word up.
What you probably didn't know is that these Zenshintaists are seeking liberation through the complete sublimation of the physical self.
And good on them...


  1. Imagine if it catches on all over. The spooks with their cameras will go nuts. Hmmmmmmmm . . . .

    1. Well, it spends. If you wear a burka, is a cultural thing, and no one dare say much. If you wear a hoodie that cover your face, you're likely seen as a criminal.

  2. I'll bet the USA has laws against hiding your face in public.

  3. What happens when they have to go.Do they say Oh no I gota go.

  4. What a good idea. Often we are misled by outer appearances into thinking if someone is beautiful/ugly on the outside it must be true for the inside too. Zenshintaists force us to see others as they really are by their actions.

  5. It seems like taking self-effacement to extremes.

  6. I'll never catch on in the west (much), to many fuller figure very self conscious people, didn't see anybody over 70 kegs in the photo's above!