Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Creative Japanese Designer Shigero Ban Wins The 2014 Pritzker Prize For Architecture...

The creative Japanese architect Shigero Ban is a very respected and highly thought of person in New Zealand and a particular favourite in the devastated city of Christchurch which was virtually leveled to the ground after the 2011 earthquakes.
Mr Ban created a stunningly beautiful 'cardboard cathedral' replacing the original iconic structure that was almost totally destroyed.
Shigero Ban's commitment to humanitarian causes is also well known and his designs for disaster relief efforts, highly respected.
One of this extraordinary man's talents is using cardboard and cardboard tubes in particular to form long lasting sustainable designs. His emergency shelters offered safe havens to the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami and too in Sri Lanka.
Shigero Ban is making our world a better place...


  1. Impressive indeed, and has that Japanese style and sensitivity. Would be interesting to follow his process in designing and also see the final drawings.

  2. I am spellbound! A gifted & benevolent man with an incredible talent. BRAVO!!

  3. I never heard of this guy before. I'm glad you've amended that. His work shows he's been heavily influenced by Buckminster Fuller, of whom I'm a big fan. That bridge he's on is supported by a type of octet truss. Are those really cardboard tubes it's made of? I should study up on this guy's designs, and get busy with that material!

  4. Beautiful - it's worth visiting Christchurch at at last! I think he might be influenced by Le Corbusier too.

  5. Remember the microship Behemoth ? ( I know you'll like this ) ,re: carboard campers :