Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life Could Be This Easy...

Life could be this easy.
Life could be this simple. If we were to let it be.
And for those who live this 'have tiny house will travel' attitude to life, they will no doubt have a much more stress free, healthier and happier life than those with bonds that tie.
The bonds that make the western world's house owner a prisoner of their own making.
There's no resource consents, no bureaucratic permits required to move a house on this road, no water, sanitation, electric companies around this part of the world to take large hunks of what one earns or what a person doesn't have for the dubious privilege of using their services.
Your life could be this easy...


  1. The great millstone on our necks is mortgage, and the usury industry that feeds off of it, & us.

    There might be some downsides to this sort of freedom, like shorter life expectancy. But you know what? I bet life expectancy is already slipping downward in my neck of the woods, especially at the lower end of the wealth spectrum.

    Michael Reynolds, creator of Earthships, has said that in 3rd world countries he's had no trouble building highly sustainable houses for people; whereas in the USA (and no doubt other western countries) it's impossible to build Earthships anywhere but in the boonies, because a host of regulators and vested interests make it impossible to do anything outside the conventional norm. If I want to put up a solar collector and maybe a small wind turbine in my (landlord's) back yard, I'll instantly run into huge problems. Even my veggie garden got torn out. If the property were my own, I still couldn't do it. There's no freedom here.

    I really, *really* want a moving home.

    1. Life expectancy? What nation do you think the photo comes from? Is on the first list? Is your nation? Maybe on one of the other 2 lists....

      There is a lot to be said for not being hassled.

  2. Maybe I should get something like that to travel in. My motorhome is in the shop.

  3. Hi Rob. I'd say that photo was probably taken somewhere in Southeast Asia. The jerry-rigged vehicle bears a family resemblance to jeepneys and tuk-tuks, and the shelter also resembles structures I've seen in Thailand, and others I've seen photos of from the Philippines. In that part of the world, life expectancy on average is about ten to fifteen years shorter than where I am (the USA) and than in most western nations, presumably due to conditions resulting from widespread poverty.

    But I do agree about not being hassled. I just like the idea of enjoying that advantage without dying fifteen years sooner than I would otherwise.

  4. As sure as people are willing to literally buy into an unaffordable life style, exploiters will happily help them on their way into lifelong debt. Once upon a time Americans lived in homes they could afford to build or buy. 'Living on credit' was viewed negatively. No one is MAKING anyone go into debt, it's a choice. And the alternative, happily, is coming back around. Let sanity reign!