Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bringing Home The Bacon...

In mid 2008, approximately 15kg of Francis Bacon was sold at auction
by Sotheby's for $86,000,000.
Today it's possible to buy a kg of Bacon at most supermarkets
for around $9.99.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strange Birds...

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And Birds of a Feather...

The shellbank between Kaiaua and Miranda is one of the most
popular 'resting places' in New Zealand... the Godwits return from the other side of the world to the Seabird Coast on the Firth of Thames each September.
The most famous of these little birds is E7 who in 2007 made her migration from Alaska back to New Zealand, a distance of 11,500 kilometers in 8 days of non stop flying.

The Flying Tortoise likes to stop at least every 90 minutes for refreshments...

The Shellbank and 'Rays Rest' is also the resting place of the common White Plastic Wheelie Bins, who flock to this area in their droves all year long... often to try and catch the flounder who are supposed to be there... their main homing grounds are the suburbs and while they pretend a type of independence they do seem to have insecurity problems and need their mates to nestle close and attend them.
The male of the species, will, on arrival at these sacred grounds, erect his antenna, pointing it northwards towards where the Gods of Entertainment and News abide, and then he and his mate will join other 'birds of the same feather' and watch the screen and other lives till sleep claims them and they dream till the dawn...