Wednesday, April 9, 2014

She Sheds. No Not A Weight Loss Programme But Havens For Women Where Men Are Not Allowed...

She Sheds is not a weight loss programme
so don't get too excited.
She Sheds are the new Mans Shed that evidently are exclusively for the women who build them and find them a perfect sanctuary.
Now you can get excited.
Man Sheds have long been the male domain and it's wonderful that some women at least have somehow contrived to create their own versions with wonderful results.
You can find out more about Caroline, Manjit, Tataina, Ann, Belinda, Lindsay
and their She Sheds here...


  1. A may zing... Beats this man shed I've been cleaning up.. I want one of these.

  2. Ooh i love the idea....not sure I like the examples though. Of course Virginia Woolf knew the value of a she shed...hers is at the bottom of a wild garden, a wooden shed, still set up with her writing table as she used it...I don't think she would have posed like these women do...

  3. .....I,,,, I think my blood sugar level just to sit down for a while......

    1. Well don't think for a moment that you're going to sit in one of those sheds...

  4. Long live the shed! Male or female, so nice to have your own space.... It makes together time better too... IMHO.
    Currently updating my cave into a......Studio!

  5. So stereo typical that to think a grown woman's shed has to look like a little girl's playhouse. The things women do to themselves...YIKES

  6. Cute as. A lovely space. A lovely hobby arranging all the pretty stuff.