Thursday, April 3, 2014

Norway's City Of Trondheim Has The Trampe Cyclocable. It's Like A Ski Lift For Cyclists And Pedestrians...

Norway's beautiful city of Trondheim first installed their famous Trampe Cyclocable, a sort of ski lift for pedestrians and cyclists back in 1993 and have last year installed a better
safer cyclocable.
While purists may scoff at the idea the cyclists of Trondheim, especially the average commuter cyclist and older cyclists, hills can be a real problem but the locals are delighted with
their cycle lift.
There's more about it here.
It can't be that hard to install and would be an asset to many cities...


  1. Things such as this would make attorneys in this country salivate...

    1. Yes they'd be waiting like ambulances at the bottom of the hill.
      Are you related to Sue Narme?

  2. In Houston TX.They would still run you over.What about drinking and driving.

  3. I was there in '97 and never saw the thing. Guess I just didn't get around enough. Norway was full of women pushing strollers around, and I see that's still the case.