Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The World's First Airbourne Wind Turbine Could Bring Renewable Energy To You..

This enormous helium-filled wind turbine known as BAT or Buoyant Airborne Turbine will soon be airborne and float over the city of Fairbanks Alaska but it could just as easily be powering you and your neighbour's homes.
Floating at around one thousand feet the giant wind turbine will generate up to eight times a land based wind turbine produces.
The power will be transferred by cables hanging below the turbine and as well as providing electricity it will also provide weather data and act as a cell tower for internet providers and users. There's more to know about it here.
Designed and built by Altaeros Energies the floating turbine will go through intensive tests during its eighteen month trial but it's hoped the concept will be good enough to provide electricity for remote third world areas and disaster areas...


  1. That turbine is a good idea as are the turbines that they put in the sea to take advantage of the tidal currents.

  2. Thanks for putting sustainable energy on the blog this morning - the world's governments seem to be going all out crazy in extracting every last droplet of oil, gas and coal from the planet in an en environment that is shouting out no to more pollution

  3. Remember Alaskans have more guns than any state.Sarah Palin .It beautiful more power to you.
    Ben Franklin loves it too.

  4. Seems like a good idea. This reminds me that sky sails are also useful. They resemble big kite-like paragliders that are flown from the prow of a ship to take advantage of stronger winds 300 to 1000 feet above the sea (roughly 100 to 300 meters). I wonder if airborne wind turbines could ever be flown that way, without helium?

  5. Yes I see the greedy buggers are going into the Australian parks now.