Friday, October 31, 2014

Visiting Cabin Porn...

It's been a while since I visited Cabin Porn.
I've been savouring the idea of stopping in for a catch up on the delightful dwellings and
rustic old ramshackle retreats...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stephen Gough Won't Stop Taking His Clothes Off...

Former Royal Marine Stephen Gough is also known as The Naked Rambler and in recent times has spent eight years in prison because he refuses to wear clothes in public.
Stephen does a lot of his nude treking with Melanie Roberts and together they appeared on a BBC documentary as they walked
from Lands End to John O'Groats.
Or was it the other way round.
Our nude recidivist has been described as a endearing and harmless man but to the authorities and the upholders of what is evidently right and decent, he's a big problem.
He won't wear clothes in court, spends time,
lots of it, in prison presumably clothed, and as soon as he's freed he takes them all off again.
Then he's arrested again and so it goes.
For a seemingly intelligent man who is obviously right at home in the great outdoors, you have to wonder why he doesn't find a nice piece of land where he can indulge his philosophy of  personal freedom instead of preferring it seems inhabiting the confines of Her Majesty's Penitentiary.
As a Naturist, it would be the last place in the world I'd want to be.
An update. The European Court of Human Rights has just rejected a case brought by Stephen Gough. He took Britain to the Strasbourg-based court on the grounds that his freedom of expression and right to respect for private life had been impinged.
The Naked Rambler said he was disappointed but vowed to continue with his lifestyle,
saying he was brought up to believe he lived in a country that celebrated eccentricity
and differences.
Without the freedom to express our individuality and uniqueness in our own way he said, something inside us dies...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Disused 1926 Melbourne Streetcar Becomes A Wonderful Living Space...

Longing for their familiar Gypsy styled living, Peter and Donna Thomas found an old 1926 Melbourne Streetcar, cut it in half and took it home to California's Sierra Foothills.
Their story's here on The Shelter Blog.
From a dream to a reality with
a Streetcar named Desire perhaps...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Enjoy The Timeless Elegence And Simplicity Of These Beautiful Wooden Watches...

Until I saw these beautiful, elegant and simple wooden watches featured on Treehugger,
I hadn't even considered wooden timepieces like these would even exist.
The folk at the small independent Analog Watch Co based in Philedalphia Pennsylvania spent months researching, prototyping and sourcing material, then countless caffeine fueled hours they say, experimenting, testing and creating.
They care about craftsmanship, beauty and simplicity. They are inspired by nature, leaves, trees, rocks, trickling water and crickets singing
in the night.
They are a little company who have a great philosophy. It's important for them to put back to the environment from which they take.
So, for every watch sold, they plant a tree.
Their beautiful watches are made using wood off-cuts, genuine leather for the straps and recycled packaging.
A company for our times...

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Incredible Typewriter Art Of Severe Cerebral Palsy Sufferer Paul Smith...

Paul Smith was born in Philadelphia in 1921 with severe spastic cerebral palsy.
In his lifetime he couldn't dress or feed himself.
It took him sixteen years to learn to speak to be understood. It took him more than thirty years to learn how to walk.
Do we have problems. I don't think so.
This man had a passion for art that he managed to express, through the keys of an old manual typewriter.
Paul had to use his left hand to steady his right one to push a key.
He couldn't press two keys at the same time so kept the shift key locked and made his art using the symbols ! @ # $ % & * ( ) at the top of the numbers keys.
Over seventy years this patient and talented man created hundreds of pictures as over time his mastery of the typewriter grew.
He passed away in 2007 and left behind his art as an inspiration to all...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Castel Meur. The Little House In Brittany Built Between A Rock And A Hard Place...

With its back turned to the sea
to protect the tiny house from the violent storms that frequent Plougrescant in France's Brittany area, the Castel Meur or La Maison du Gouffre, the house between the rocks, is home to the granddaughter of the original owner.
The lovely stone house was built in 1861 at a time when people could build where they liked. And now,much to the chagrin of the owner builder's descendent, it's a much too popular tourist destination...