Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beautiful Gypsy Style New Zealand Housebuses...

Just a few delightful details from some Gypsy style New Zealand housebuses.
There's so many. But too, so few.
One day there'll be a book published  dedicated to these beautiful Bohemian homes on wheels...

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Today's Dawning...

You know how I love sunrises.
This was how this day dawned here
just a few minutes ago.
I just had to share it with you
and say 'good morning...'
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Paper-Eating Coffee Table...

It's called a Papervore.
You know, as distinct from a Carnivore.
It sits in your lounge and eats paper.
It could be the new family pet that you don't need to take for a walk.
Created by Pigeontail Industrial Design Studio, as well as being the centre of conversation,
the Papervore just sits there and eats your magazines, your recipes, your tossed aside books and if you're really lucky,
next months accounts payable...
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Beautiful Evening Light...

The last of the days sunlight was making it's magic at Tokerau Beach yesterday evening.
The near end of another beautiful day
in New Zealand's Far North.
A person has to be somewhere...
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Man's greed.
The have's and the have not's.
It won't be forever.
Will it...
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Porn, Porn, Porn And More Cabin Porn...

I've been resisting the urge to visit Cabin Porn for a few days.
In anticipation of what might be on display.
I went there late last night.
Eat your heart out Mr Hefner...
Images from top.
Shipping container house in Iceland - Bryce Johnson.
Sauna on the Aland Islands - Denzien Works.
Realy Spur Historic Hut, Arthurs Pass, NZ - Caroline Knecht.
Oak Cabin, Chihuahuan Desert, Texas - Ray MacDonald.
Island Cottage north of Vancouver, Canada - Kim Hadley. 

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Another Beautiful Bedford...

This beauty was seen on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula recently.
Very cool don't you think...
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

High As A Kite...

Helen and Ivan Morrison are well known for their innovative outdoor installations.
Their 'Little Shining Man' 3D Kinetic Sculpture which is also a kite, is a result of a collaboration between them, London architectural designer Sarah Reading and Birmingham design studio, Queen & Crawford.
Each of the twenty three thousand pieces of printed composite fabric that make up this sculpture are connected with a nylon joint
and carbon fibre rods.
The stunning sculpture took sixteen months
to complete.
It can be seen in the atrium of Dandara's
new Castle Quay development at the UK's St Heliers on the Channel Islands. .
The owners promise to fly it once a year at Jersey's St Aubins Bay.
Beautiful isn't it...

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tiny Off The Wall Living In San Francisco...

It's hard to find somewhere to live
in some cities and it's not getting easier.
Artists Mark Reigelman and Jenny Chapman did some off the wall thinking and creating.
They found an unlikely but novel place
to install a tiny rustic wooden cabin.
On the side of a San Francisco building, three stories up and suspended above a restaurant.
Very handy for takeaways.
The cabin is an art installation
called Manifest Destiny!
Somehow it addresses the issues
of homelessness and inequality
in twenty first century America.
You can read more here...

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A Clever Idea For Living Larger In A Small Space...

Not a new idea but a clever one for living
a bit larger in a small space.
A pull-out dining table and seating.
There could be problems with load bearing, critical mass and all that sort of thing but that's just being a bit critical.
It's a great idea whether used for eating at, a desk area or whatever.
I found it here on Treehugger...
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Friday, February 24, 2012

You'll Want To Live In This Beautiful Tiny House...

Built around 1750 in America's Louisiana,
this beautiful birdhouse was originally designed to house pigeons.
Angele Parlange, whose family own the property where the birdhouse is located, thought it would be a wonderful place to live. And so she does.
Have a look here...

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Treehouses In The Costa Rican Rainforest...

Described as the world's first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community, this neighbourhood has a skyline speckled with rustic treehouses.
You can go there, way off the beaten track and explore the world of rainforest living.
Finca Bellavista's a place far removed from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
Check it out here.
It's a living option and an option for living...

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Catch Of The Day...

Relatively new to motorhoming and freedom camping but well experienced in life, Lyndsay and Bruce arrived at this remote beach in New Zealand's Far North and as TFT was the only other vehicle here, asked me if it was safe.
I told them the natives were friendly and they decided to stay.
We chatted a while and the irony of these two worrying about their safety here amused me.
They had spent seven years in Afghanistan on Aid missions.
In the midst of war zones.
On a number of occasions they had both been held at gunpoint by the Taliban and the Mujahaden.
They had had their vehicles seized and had been terrified captives more than once.
They had ducked bullets on the streets of Kabul.
The concern for their safety here didn't last long and they were rewarded for their bravery by catching a number of good sized Snapper and this superb Kingfish.
Guess what I had for dinner...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1990 Retro Pop Culture Fashion From Jeremy Scott...

This is the 2012 Fall Collection from the American Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott.
You can see more here.
Being a bit of a fashionista and a follower of a few Fashion Blogs like The Satorialist and Vintage Vixen, I just had to share this wonderful collection with you.
Don't you love the blue lipstick!
Vix go on, wear it for me...

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