Friday, June 27, 2014

Was The Designer Of The Mushroom House In New York's Perinton On Hallucinogenics...

I remember the Seventies.
They came along right after the Nineteen Sixties.
They do say of those times that if you can remember where you were, you weren't there.
The Mushroom House in Perinton, New York was designed in the Seventies by architect James Johnson and is now for sale for around a million mushrooms.
There's more about the house here and here.
Perinton by the way was recently voted one of the best places to live in the US.
But they didn't say who voted.
Or what they were on...


  1. Isn't this just like life where timing is everything? Why wasn't this real estate for sale 30 years ago when cleaning vast amounts of space would have been something I could manage better than now?
    I'd prefer to live in a small rolling home and read a good book instead of wasting time maintaining such a monstrosity. Much cheaper too.

  2. I love this sort of thing. Not crazy about the texture and color of the concrete, but the overall concept is very much my kind of thing. I agree with Suzy that the vast scale is unnecessary; gracious living in weird houses need not be only for the rich.

    There's a wonderful mushroom house in the hills above Stinson Beach, California. It's but a single 'shroom built of natural wood, quite tall & with windows all around. I haven't glimpsed it in years, probably because the trees around it (mostly oak) have grown up over time. It too dates from the 70's.

    BTW, this also reminds me of a very beautiful house I've seen in a video, built in the shape of a nautilus shell. It's in Mexico City. I would just LURVE to live in a house like that.