Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Doctor Ian Smit Is Honoured By The Queen For Giving Free Medical Clinics On His Day Off For Fourteen Years...

Ian Smit, a doctor at Kaitaia in New Zealand's Far North has given up his day off for the last fourteen years to give a free clinic for the locals at the beautiful beach settlement of Ahipara,
one of my favourite places and the southern most area of the famous Ninety Mile Beach.
As well as working for the Kaitaia Hospital he puts the needs of others first as the citation for Queen Elizabeth's Service Medal says in the Queen's Birthday Honours announced recently.
A nurse who's worked with Ian over the years describes him as a really gracious, humble man who tirelessly serves his community.
He aims says Sharen, to make a difference and enhance people's lives, even if it's just taking the time to listen or acknowledge their existence.
A rare thing on this sometimes cold and
uncaring planet we inhabit.
Thankyou and congratulations Ian...


  1. Wow, are there really people like Dr. Smit out there? Yes, there obviously are but surely part of the unsung hero group. My heart bows humbly before you.

  2. It's so good to celebrate what's good around us and not let ourselves be swamped by the bad stuff.

  3. It is my good fortune that my own physician is one of these special people. They are few & far between & most of his patients (including me) would walk thru fire for him!

  4. I am honoured to have known Dr Ian Smit not only as my past GP but also someone I can call a friend. I can't talk about now but back in the day he was a very proficient Squash player and during his lunch break if he could manage one would walk down to the club play a game of squash mainly against the up and comming Juniors like my son Hohua after school as well as some late evenings well done my FRIEND. And thank you Keith for publicising this worthy topic.