Monday, June 2, 2014

Conchita Wurst. Certainly The Brightest Star At The Austrian Life Ball 2014...

The winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest Conchita Wurst was certainly the brightest star at the annual Life Ball 2014 held in Vienna a couple of nights ago.
The Life Ball fighting Aids and celebrating life is Europe's largest annual AIDS charity event.
Party-goers dressed in little more than body paint rubbed shoulders with men in tuxedoes and cross-dressers in wild costumes on Saturday, transforming Vienna's City Hall
into a fantasy land.
As in previous years, the Life Ball was also an anything-goes gala emphasising diversity.
And Conchita Wurst stole the show.
Hoots of approval, applause and whistles greeted the bearded drag queen dressed in figure-hugging silver lame, as she belted out her winning torch song "Fly Like a Phoenix."
Minutes later, formally clad VIP guests holding $1,000 tickets began streaming inside the neo-gothic hall for a night of noshing, dancing and champagne-filled revelry.
I was going to be there but had nothing to wear...


  1. Looks like a more upscale version of Key West.

  2. It's a Castro Street Halloween sponsored by Schonbrunn Palace.

  3. Why is it the ladies can always get away with it and look fabulous whatever they wear, and the men look like clowns, whatever they wear!?! :-)

  4. The Europeans do that sort of thing so well - I love that body paint!