Saturday, June 14, 2014

Guisepe And Edna Invite You For A Cup Of Tea...

Guisepe is having an adventure onboard Edna Lu The Free Tea Bus through North America.
He's inviting us all to have a cup of tea with him.
Joe 'Guisepe' Spadafora's been living in and traveling around serving tea from his mobile home as a way to meet people for more than six years as you can see here.
If you come across him, pop in for a cuppa
and a chat.
You could bring the biscuits...


  1. Now thats an idea Keith better put the kettle on, cheers Keith.

  2. There certainly are some great characters inhabiting your blog Keith! I'd love to meet Guiseppe and have a cup of tea with him. "Make tea not war" - wonderful!

    1. Yes Make Tea Not War.
      Do you think it could catch on...

  3. Hey, Guisepe it looks like so much fun aboard your tea mobile. Can you make a detour to Budapest too? I'll bake some Hungarian cookies to go with the tea, O.K.? See you soon.