Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Caves Of Sacromonte. One Of Spain's Historic Gypsy Cave Dwelling Areas...

It is said that Flaminco was born in the Caves of Sacromonte, the gypsy neighbourhood in Spain's city of Granada.
Some say Flaminco was born of Islamic chants, others Byznatine melodies, yet others with the Gypsies of India.
It doesn't really matter but if you find yourself in the vicinity of any of the cave dwelling areas of southern Spain, spend some time there.
The province of Granada has about twelve thousand caves on their mountains in an area UNESCO have listed as a world heritage site.
These days, many of the simple and inexpensive homes of the Roma that have been in existence for a thousand years are now homes to squatters, artists, jewellers, bohemians, musicians, who peddle their wares at the local plazas. Of course the authorities want to get rid of them and sometimes they do but they often turn a blind eye to the situation too.
The living conditions of these tiny homes are at best, basic. Some get their electricity from local power lines, some have solar and plumbing and toilets are often shared by many.
But everyone's happy. I would be too.
And then there's the views...


  1. Interesting and fascinating. Maybe an idea to stay for some time in this colourful multiculturel society when beeing retired.

  2. It is amazing how nice a hole in the ground can be.

  3. Fascinating! They are beautiful and I guess they'd be cool in Summer. I wonder what they do about warmth in the winter, I think it gets pretty cold there at night in winter. I've heard too, that flamenco comes from a mix of cultures, - Islamic, Jewish and gypsy. What a melting pot for a great art form to be born from.

  4. So nice! Home is where the heart is!

  5. These are so some of them....I just feel like I have entered the world of the "Hobbits".