Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nineteen Year Old Russian Daredevil Alexander Remnev And His Vertigo Inducing Photos. You Might Want To See Them With Your Eyes Shut...

The young Russian daredevil Alexander Romnev and his thrillseeking friends get their kicks by literally hanging out at the top of tall, the taller the better, buildings.
Nineteen year old Alexander has recently been in Dubai to climb some of that city's tallest buildings and on getting to the top, pausing to take a few selfies with his camera attached to a extension pole.
Here's Alex and his mates at the top of the world's tallest residential building, Dubai's 1,350ft high Princess Tower.
This was written with my eyes shut...


  1. Impressive! So glad I'm not there.

  2. I can understand why you wrote it with your eyes closed. Now I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  3. I wish someone would give this man some wings or at least a parasol..

  4. Dubai? Don't they execute foreigners who pull damnfool stunts like these?

  5. Can we all say "DEATH WISH"? Idiotic!