Saturday, June 28, 2014

Antoine Bruy's Images Document Back To Basics Living In Europe...

Antoine Bruy often works as a 'Woofer'.
A Woofer is usually an itinerant worker who toils on an organic farm a few hours a day
for board and food.
In that capacity, his role as a photographer is a secondary one but one that enables him to get to know the people, taste their lifestyle and connect with them before capturing their way of life through his lens.
These images are from his series  Scrublands...


  1. The KISS method for making homes, Keep It Simple, Stupid, seems to fit these to a tee.

  2. Beautiful portraits. But the story they tell has a disturbingly post- apocalyptic feel. It leaves me with much questioning

  3. While these photos communicate an idea of back to basics romanticism for the affluent Westerner who is suffocating in their world of accumulated stuff, those who are living in these conditions would tell another story. Look at the eyes bravely masking the despair of want built on a foundation of hunger, hopelessness and helplessness.

  4. Friends: Europe may seem small on a globus, but is HUGE, not least in diversity, capable of containing everything imaginable, and some things that are not

  5. That's basic indeed, past my comfort levels I think. Great photos , I wonder if they give the true feelings these people have for their lifestyle ?

  6. The outhouse would filter out those who overindulge.