Sunday, June 22, 2014

French Students Have Designed The Microjoule. A Car That's Able To Travel 3,300 Kilometers On One Litre Of Fuel...

This little car named The Microjoule, can travel two thousand miles on one litre of fuel.
Designed and built by a group of French students at La Joliverie College in Nantes this carbon fibre vehicle weighing only thirty five kilograms was tested on a racetrack in Rotterdam and judged to be able to run 2072 miles or 3,300 kilometers on a litre of fuel.
Or 9,400 miles per gallon.
Evidently you could drive around the world for about twenty six dollars.
Should you want to...


  1. Yeah, but could you take it mudding?

  2. and do you have to recline while driving, as the driver in photo is doing? Not sure I could make it 20 mi if this is so. Exciting concept tho, & smart young men.