Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Wealthy New Yorkers Have More Dollars Than Sense...

Some of New York's wealthy
have more dollars than sense.
Some of them are so, what's a polite way to describe them, I don't know, incapable, stupid, no I'd better not call them stupid, they'll sue me.
Some of these people are so stupid, they can't do something as simple as pack their children's bags for summer camps and they're hiring professional organisers to do it for them.
These folk will cite the lack of time but they obviously lack the inclination to do this simple and rewarding task for their children. With more money than sense are obviously used paying to have everything done for them.
They can't put their mind to anything other than going out and making more money every day.
But there is another side to the coin.
It means that someone will be gainfully employed for a day or so.
And the professional organisers aren't stupid. Far from it. They charge $250 an hour and it evidently takes four hours to pack a child's bag...


  1. There were many weird things that I encountered when living in the US for 23 years but this sure takes the cake. The parents of these kids might not be too smart but the organizers sure figured things out real quick. Maybe some rich people would hire me to teach the kids organizational skills. I'd only charge 100 dollars an hour multiplied by lots of affluent children......WOW!

  2. That's it! I'm a professional organizer from now on.


  3. We are the 99%.Trust me when these kids are16 years old they be on zanax and Ritlan.

  4. I love it! I can see a new profession opening up for me - professional 'children's bag packer'. Maybe 2 a week would see me through!!

  5. At that age my kids packed their own bags to go camping. If they forgot something, they lived without. By the second time they had it down.

    I ran into a people on a guided hike that they paid a guide good money for. It was a two hour hike. I could see the road from there. Could not believe it. Well marked trail straight up the mountain and straight back down.

  6. Sixbears is right. That's why my mom got me into Girl Scouts. To learn for myself. If you refused or forgot your jacket, you got cold. Of course now I tend to overpack. Ha!

  7. I don't have kids! But doing the laundry, ironing clothes and packing suitcases have been favorite things to do since I was a child--I packed my bag myself-with a little help from Mum. Look out Tortoise, if I win the lottery, I'll be packing my bag and coming to see you (LL)

  8. AT that price it actually sounds like a fundraiser rather than a business. Maybe those despised 'rich people' are making donations to a cause?