Friday, June 13, 2014

Photographer Michael Kenna And His Beautiful Black And White Images Of Trees...

Born in Lancashire, England in 1953, Michael Kenna now lives in Seattle Washington.
He travels the world, as he's done for some years, with his Hasselblad camera capturing mainly black and white images of objects and landscapes.
One of his most well known works is a series of images of one particular tree he took on Kussharo Lake in Hokkaido, Japan.
There are more superb images from this wonderful photographer here.
If everyone's world was this simple...


  1. Beautiful images. I can feel the silence, sense the cold and the snow.

  2. Such beautiful images. It would be redundant to add color. Of course, beauty is one thing but these trees and little plants also send a silent message by setting an example which is how we learn best. See how they bend and stretch and say, get up and exercise. I think I'll do just that.

  3. I know he's English, but these images have a Japanese aesthetic, a lot of the joy is in discovery and waiting for another angle to appear...they appear timeless