Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jay Shafer's Original Tiny Tumbleweed Home On Wheels Is For Sale...

Well it was for sale yesterday.
Who knows, it may well be someone's new dream home by now as there were some keen lookers out there.
It's on Tiny House Listings.
You might like to have a look here.
It's Jay's EPU model, the very first and evidently this actual tiny home featured on Oprah and was admired by over two million viewers.
If you didn't know, Jay Shafer has been one of the prime movers and shakers, one of the originators of what is now, the huge tiny home movement.
It's all about living large in small spaces.
Avoiding a large and lengthy mortgage and living more self sufficiently.
Downsizing and living with less.
Happiness said Thoreau, is not what you have but what you can love living without...

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  1. That is really cute. I suppose that the family that owned it with the 6 children must have had one more. That would have over loaded it.

  2. I've been totally fascinated with the Tiny house movement for a number of years, but each one still needs a piece of land to sit on and a way to connect to some utilities. Taking showers at the gym, for example, is not always realistic for families. I'd like to see more tiny house designs that can accommodate families that want to live with fewer possessions and still leave a smaller footprint. Even Jay had to move to his "lodge" because of his growing family. Are tiny houses then just for single folks? I have so many questions needing some sensible answers.

    1. There are lots of small homes already available. With all the creative ideas the tiny house people have come up with it could be fun remodeling a small 2 or 3 bedroom ranch using the same space saving solutions. It would be a fun project.
      I marvel at the beauty and livability but have wondered about how much of it is mire suited to single folks or tiny families.

  3. Sweet little house. After spending some time on a sailboat, it looks quite roomy.