Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Man Called Bear And His Gorgeous Little Gypsy Caravan...

What a little beauty.
I found it here on Tiny House Listings.
A gorgeous example of a simple little house
on wheels.
A six foot by twelve foot gypsy caravan built on an original 1905 McLaughlin undercarriage. Well before you say so what, this undercarriage was originally designed to carry glass milk bottles so the ride needed to be as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Woops, wrong simile there.
It's ideal for picnics in the woods but
Maurice 'Bear' Leger has unfortunately had to give up his gypsy lifestyle and life on the road so someone else will be able to enjoy this back-to-basics gypsy caravan. It's got ample storage and of course, a woodburning stove. No insulation though. And yes it's pulled by a couple of horses and Bear has travelled many thousands of miles in this manner.
Two horses pulling a gypsy caravan with a Bear on board. I like the concept... . 

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  1. Looks like a long lost brother. :)

  2. I do think it is Sixbears' twin brother. . .

  3. Hi Keith , where can I find your email to order your "how to live on a small income ". :).

  4. Seriously cool Caravan that, good find.