Saturday, April 20, 2013

China Tells The World A Whopping Big Fish Tale...

How do you like this whopper of a fish tale.
China tells the world through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation that their distant water fishing fleet catch around 368,000 tons of fish annually.
In actual fact say the University of British Columbia who've just completed research into international fishing, China takes about 4.6 million tons, plundering the waters of around ninety countries of their fish resources and about $11.5 billion worth of fish. Nobody really knows how much they take or what arrangements they have with other countries but most of China's catch is taken from the waters around West Africa where so many of that continents poor people depend on their food being harvested from the sea.
China doesn't take all its catch home.
An unspecified amount is sold locally but whatever is going on, China's catch is a huge twelve times larger than they are admitting to.
It's greed on a grand scale.
And greed is destroying our world...

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  1. The oceans are big, but they aren't big enough. Everything has limits.

  2. I agree Keith. It's total mindless greed and plundering of the world's resources. Because of over fishing some of the fish species are now extinct and others close to becoming extinct.
    Apart from organisations like Greenpeace, what are various countries doing about this?
    Are they like New Zealand, and want to develop relations with China because some see it as the next world power, therefore turn a blind eye?

  3. Nothing is big enough for people who don't care.

  4. No-one and nothing is exempt from the choices made or the actions taken and life is a ledger of credits and debits. Be assured there will be a reckoning and a cost to pay not only by the losses but by those who create them.

  5. please cite your sources..

    here's one..

    Mike W