Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heidi's Little Cottage In A Finland Forest Is Called Elaman Puu. It Means Tree Of Life...

Heidi's little cottage in a forest in Southern Finland is built with a variety of natural building techniques. A rubble trench, earth bag stem walls dressed in stone, birch bark damp proofing beneath the straw bales, cob, and cordwood. There's the reciprocal roof on the roundwood frame and all the materials were havested locally.
Heidi, the Green Elf lady's a dreamer, a film maker, and an accomplished artist so naturally her home reflects her spirituality and her life values. It's filled with her artistic expressions.
Her tiny home, built with her own hands, a few of her friends and very little money has been and still is, a labour of love.
You can look here or have a look here at Heidi's blog, she'll tell you all about it...

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  1. What an amazingly creative lady! One could create a fantasy movie in a setting like that.