Friday, April 19, 2013

If You Think You've Seen And Heard It All. Have A Look And Listen To The Children Of Paraguay's Recycled Orchestra...

A community like Cateura is not a place you'd normally find a violin.
It would be worth more than a house.
Cateura is a small city in Paraguay that sits literally on top of a massive garbage dump.
It's regarded as one of the poorest slums in Latin America.
Some might also say it's one of the richest. Once again we see a wonderful example of necessity being the mother of invention.
Prospects for the children of Cateura are bleak with drugs and gangs being the easy option.
One day, Nicolas Gomez found a bit of garbage that resembled a violin. He showed it to his friend and musician Favis Chavez. Using other bits collected from the rubbish, the two men made a violin. Inspired, they set about making other instruments.
Nineteen year old Juan Manuel Chavez known as Bebi plays the cello. Beautifully. His cello was made from an old oil can and bits of wood. The pegs are made from an old tool that was used to tenderise meat.
There's a wonderful short video you can watch and more to inspire dreams, here.
The world sends us garbage says the orchestra's director Favio Chavez.
We send back music...

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  1. This is a glorious news story, isn't it? The internet gives us access to much more positive news than we were ever exposed to through magazines and books, radio or TV. Of course it allows negative stuff too, but it seems easier to avoid.

  2. a truly inspiring article. I can always come here and see something hopeful. thanks. another great post Keith.

  3. Thankyou. It is a beautiful story isn't it.
    These people who have nothing are so rich.
    They give us all hope and help make the world a better place just by knowing they're there...

  4. This brought me to much beauty from trash....true riches are what's within us...with that we create beauty and meet needs....foolishly some cultures pursue the created and discard potential treasure makers.

  5. What an amazing story. I watched the video twice I so loved it.
    I think there is a huge lesson to be learned here... These people have so little but have managed to make so much... Not just the musical instruments and the music but from this has come self esteem and purpose in life. A richness not from money.