Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here's A Cheap And Simple Way To Light Up Your Life...

Most of us take electric lights for granted. Most of us live in homes with windows and skylights that bathe us in light.
For those though who live in shacks with no windows and no skylights a little daylight is more than welcome.
Here's a simple and inexpensive idea that can easily applied in low income houses or spaces that lack daylight or electricity.
The concept is simple. A soda bottle is placed in the roof, half inside and half outside with the lower half refracting water like a sixty watt light bulb. The bottle is filled with water and a few drops of bleach to keep the water clear, clean and germ free for years.
One of these do-it-yourself lightbulbs will be easily installed in an hour. You simply cut a hole in the roof and a piece of roofing material the size of the bottle. Insert the bottle, put some sealant around the bottle to prevent leaks and now, where there was dark, there's light...

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  1. I love this. Wish I could light up my wardrobe with one, but there's an apartment up above. I don't think the upstairs neighbours would be keen.

  2. This is awesome. Can the bottle be plastic or glass?

    1. It could be either but plastic is cheaper, lighter and won't break...

  3. Mmm... Might be cheaper than solar? Very innovative.