Monday, April 22, 2013

This Bolivian Lawyer Builds Homes For The Poor Out Of Recycled Plastic Bottles...

The Bolivian lawyer or perhaps it should be the Garbage Lawyer Ingrid Vaca Diez, is on a mission to build better homes for the poor.
In Bolivia, nearly fifty percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Housing's a huge problem here as many are unable to live in suitable accommodation.
Once again we see necessity being the mother of invention and with meagre funds and little support, Ingrid creates homes out of the only resource she can find in abundance.
So far she's designed and built ten homes, with six being in Warnes, a town in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, and another in Roldan, a town in Santa Fe province, Argentina.
The bottles are filled with dirt, those are her bricks and her houses may use thirty six thousand each. To colour her homes, this resourceful woman uses a combination of expired milk powder, horse manure, linseed oil, cattle blood, cane molasses or just
whatever she can find.
The floors are made from chopped up old tyres.
There's more about Ingrid's mission here in a twenty five minute video.
Perhaps more lawyers will give up their day jobs and build houses for the poor.
The world might be a better place...

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  1. Women can do anything - especially when it comes to creating something out of nothing or in this case treasure out of brilliant is this?...answer...totally!