Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Airstream Shows Off Its Latest Deluxe Land Yacht Concept...

This is Airstream's latest concept for the 'discerning' buyer. By discerning, do they mean the person who has everything and now wants something else. I don't know, but this is their latest offering for the Getaway From It All market who wants to have all the comforts of home with them wherever they go.
It's probable that not many of today's version of Eddie Bauer's original are likely to ever go near the great outdoors and that's a shame.
This very latest Airstream Land Yacht is indeed beautiful and so it should be.
It's been designed in partnership with Mauro Micheli, the long-time designer for Riva Yachts.
There's more about this lovely Airstream here.
While the Airstream has always been the classic caravan or trailer that others have tried to emulate, somehow the 'discerning' buyer is missing out on so much by insisting on hi tech this and hi tech that.
Remember when life was simple and with back to basics there was so much less to go wrong and break down.
And less to go wrong made whatever you wanted to do, so much more enjoyable.
And the simple life was better than good...

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  1. It's pretty and all, but probably cost more than my house, my van and boat.

  2. Woo Hoo!! - now THAT'S a Flying Fox!!...Yummm!

  3. I had the great pleasure back in 1959 to take a trip with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin in their Airstream to a Wally Byam Caravan Club convention. We went through many states in the U.S. and Providences in Canada. Great memories, and you helped bring them back.

  4. I hate this new design.....give me back the "good old days


  5. Want to open my paint cans and splash a little personality around.
    Love the older vintage ones.