Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Vision Of The Future. A City In A Building...

It's quite a concept. And it's not a new one.
The idea of a futuristic city contained inside a single gigantic building housing a million or more people is nearing reality.
It's not something I'd wish to be part of but in a few year's time, in many parts of the world, the only space available to live will be up above.
Way up above.
There's from the top,
Buckmaster Fuller's Triton Floating City, 1960.
Vertical Urban Sprawl by Jake Murray 2010. Norman Foster's Crystal Island, designed for Moscow, 2007. Roadtown by Edgar Chambless in 1910. The Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid for Tokyo by Dante Bini and David Dimitrie in 2003.
King Gillette's Metropolis Project for the Niagara Falls area, 1894. The Broad Sustainable Building in Hunan, China, due for completion in 2013. And Grant Hamilton's What Are We Coming To concept in 1895.
In case you're thinking of buying some real estate in the future and going up in the world, have a look here and here...

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  1. The last one, the yellow one looks like the Tower of Babel in my Sunday school colouring book. That brings me very haapy recollections. I like the soaring star one-the second one pictured.

  2. My idea of a living nightmare! I'd rather live under a bush than in a place like this. Maybe one day man will get the message that there are rather too many of us on this finite planet, rahter than try and cram even more humans and deplete even more of those resources than we have already done. Complete madness.

    1. I don't think you'll have to worry Joel.
      You're sure to have your boat project finished before that nightmare occurs.
      But imagine if everyone did live in single buildings in one or many scattered
      locations, there'd be lots of green spaces all around. Ideal for Freedom Camping...

    2. Actually, I didn't think of that! Yep, that's definitely a good idea!!

  3. It would be a great place to put all those people who actually like cities. Like you said, it would open up space for the rest of us freedom campers.

    Some people feel safe when they get back to a city. I feel safe when I get back to the wild places.

    1. Just think, you could have a special one, where all the politicians of the world could congragate, and the bankers...then you could build a very high wall around it, with no doors....yay...bliss! Oh, and don't give them internet access.

  4. Does not appeal to me at all and I doubt I'll be here if that ever became an option. However, people have to live somewhere when there are no more options.