Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Simply Beautiful Bicycles...

Two beautiful bicycles.
Both simply stunning in their design.
The top one is by Pietro Russomanno whose mainframe skeleton is crafted in plywood with inert rubber gaskets sandwiched between.
The rider of this machine can raise or lower the seat with the touch of a button.
The front wheel has a dynamo attached which provides energy to a smartphone dock on the handlebars.
The sculptured machine below by Japanese designer Yojiro Oshima is a head turner and completely hand made.
There's more about both these beautiful bicycles here and here.
I could look at them all day...

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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.Unless they're just to look at I'm just wondering if these have the longevity of an ordinary steel one...and that wooden seat looks a tad uncomfortable.

  2. If I drove by one of those, I'd be doing so much rubber necking that I'd probably cause an accident. Very nice.

  3. What do they cost and where can you buy them?

    1. Brigid, try clicking on the links for more information...