Sunday, April 7, 2013

In India's Mumbai, Food To Go Is A 150 Year Old Tradition...

Every day in Mumbai, four thousand men, all dressed in white, transport more than 175,000 lunches across the teeming city.
Every day, as they have since the 1800's when the British colonialists introduced the system to cater for the workers who inundated the city and brought with them their particular local food preferences, the Dabbawallas collect the lunch containers called Tiffens, of food from wives mothers and grandmothers and deliver them to the hungry workers.
Despite the unsophisticated modes of transport used, the lunches evidently always arrive on time with an error rate of only one in sixteen million deliveries.
There wouldn't be another courier company in the world that could boast that success rate.
Have a look here and see how this fast food system caters for the lunch crowd...

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