Monday, April 8, 2013

Mother Nature Was The Artist Of These Surrealist Landscapes. National Geographic's Frans Lanting Was The Photographer...

These landscape images are not paintings even though many surrealist painters would delight in putting their names to them.
The artist was Mother Nature and it was National Geographic magazine photographer Frans Lanting who captured the images of this stylised and surreal landscape called Dead Vlei in Nambia.
The area has some of the highest sand dunes in the world and they rest on a sandstone base.
The trees of the area, said to be nine hundred years old, died through lack of water and their skeletons, blackened by scorching from the intense sun remain.
Nature never ceases to amaze...

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  1. WOW...the colours are unreal,aint mother nature amazing, wonderful photos.

  2. Truly beautiful, in a different way than we are used to seeing.

  3. Wish I could see places like this