Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mir Diamond Mine In Russia Is The World's Second Biggest Manmade Hole...

The disused Mir Diamond Mine in Russia's Eastern Siberia is 525 metres deep and 1.2 kilometres wide. There's restricted airspace above it because helicopters get sucked in by the enormous downdraft.
It's the second biggest manmade hole in the world.
The world's biggest manmade hole is the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah USA. It's 970 metres deep and 4 kilometres wide.
Four kilometres wide!
Because the Mir hole is empty and abandoned and as I dislike waste, I thought the hole would be a good choice to accommodate all the world's dysfunctional, untrustworthy, dictatorial, greedy, egotistical, self-serving, incompetent, did I mention stupid, bureaucrats and politicians if we were to drop them all in it.
But this hole may not big enough, perhaps the Bingham Mine would be better...

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  1. Viewing this and reading your article I asked myself how did man ever become the CEO of this planet? To rip open our quiet earth and tear out her insides without asking, without thinking, without mercy!!
    And then to leave an ugly wound as a mocking reminder of how clever he is!.Well retribution is coming - by flooding, by earthquake, by tsunami - and soon - by meteor...that's if he hasn't nuked himself before then.Did he ever think he would get away with it?

  2. Careful, you are starting to sound like me.

  3. All this for cold, hard TINY colorless rocks. So sad.

    Where is all the earth they removed?

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