Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Overloaded Vehicles? Perhaps. Just A Little...

Overloaded. Well just marginally perhaps. In places like India, China and many Asian countries, people are compelled by need to use methods that would be frowned upon in the western world. There'd be traffic infringement officers having a field day handing out fines.
But not here.
Life is harder but more accommodating.
Necessity is the mother of invention and these folk know how to improvise anything to suit their needs and they work hard for a meagre amount of money.
There's many more images of overloaded people and overloaded vehicles but I couldn't fit them all in...

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  1. It's called survival Keith...life has to be lived one way or the other...and they are living theirs...their way. I'm totally admiring of their acceptance of it.

  2. I am wondering how they get that much stuff loaded onto what ever they using to transport it. Maybe two trips would be better with a lighter load.

  3. ...and my wife wonders why I try to carry all the plastic bags of groceries into the house in one trip....

  4. ... Then there's the North American equivalent, which was widely posted in the VW forums that I used to frequent, and was always dismissed as a fake. That didn't stop it from being Photoshopped to make the load appear on a wide variety of different vehicles and situations.

    Snopes.com regards the image as being genuine, but I still have my doubts.