Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stephane Malka's Urban Dwelling Made From Recycled Doors And Windows Is Known As Parasitic Architecture...

The Paris based architect, graffiti artist and conceptual designer Stephane Malka does more than just think outside the square.
He attaches his out of left bank field add-ons known as Parasitic Architecture to the bare walls of existing buildings and structures.
He created this 'Bow House' in a public plaza
in Netherland's city of Heerlen in
the Province of Limburg.
If you're in the area, go and have a look.
But be careful. It might grow on you...


  1. If you life in a house made of windows, don't throw stones.

  2. Good comment Dizzy Dick.
    I think I prefer Hundertwasser.

  3. Cute as a red wagon & practical as old bedroom shoes.

  4. Why bother writing comments as they may or may not be published.

    1. Yes Anonymous, comments that don't add anything to the value of the post won't be published...