Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet The Most Wonderfully Fashionable Frenchman Featured On The Sartorialist...

This wonderfully dapper, eccentrically fashionable Frenchman on the Avenue du President Wilson in Paris featured recently on Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist Blog.
Is it his amazing eye glasses I love the most or is it his gorgeous hat.
I don't know but isn't he just one of life's great individual fashion statements...


  1. What an amzingly aproachable Frenchman he is. I just love his beard. I love the colour of his clothes, and his unassuming air. I'm sure he could see without his big spectscles. but they go to make up the whole sartorial picture of him. He also has a cuddly look.I think he's very cute, and I'm sure he would be entertaining . Posted by Bee.

  2. Those darn time travellers never get the garb quite right. :)

  3. Understated elegance and almost normal. The perfect combination! Love it.