Monday, October 20, 2014

Tom Fruin's Wonderfully Colourful Stained Glass House Is On Display At Brooklyn Bridge Park...

New York Installation Artist Tom Fruin
is showing off his stained glass Kolonihavehus sculpture at this years Dumbo Arts Fest at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Made from thousands of pieces of discarded coloured plexiglass and framed in black metal, the sculpture is especially wonderful at night.
If you like his little house you might have a look at his Watertower installation here.
And at the Dumbo Fest, the Performance duo CoreAct put on daily acts in the colourful house featuring 'everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes'. Whatever that means...


  1. Just love that stained glass. What does he do with these temporary instalations later I wonder.....Bee

  2. How beautiful and creative... Also the water tower. I love seeing things created out of supposed waste.

  3. I love stained (plexi) glass. Looking through it, you're looking at two worlds: that of the glass, and that of the tangible objects behind it. Which is is the real reality? It's a philosophical medium.

    Using salvaged materials seems like a good idea too.