Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Nomads Of Mongolia...

The lives of the Nomads of Mongolia making their homes in the harsh environment of the Gobi Desert have never been easy.
But there would be many in our so called civilized societies trying to make their way with weighty mortgages around their necks who would give it all away for the seemingly simple life of these desert dwellers.
They may not have much in the way of possessions but they possess a closeness of family that many would envy...


  1. I noticed the technology, I wondered if they had a phone too?

  2. Beautiful pictures. Everyybody's got mobile phones these days.

  3. They're so isolated bet they don't have worry about Ebola.

  4. Better not show these photos to my lovely wife. She already wants to live in a yurt. :)

  5. I used to think it'd be awful to live in such an isolated community. Now I think - Ah! So far from the troubles of the world. No landlords, no usury, no rackets. And yes, remote from plagues.

    That bird the falconer is holding - I wonder is it an eagle? I've seen photos of grizzled old men in the mountains of Kazakhstan hunting with eagles. I bet this guy uses the bird for hunting small game - a significant source of food, perhaps; or maybe it's just the macho thing to do. Definitely beats milking a camel.


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