Friday, October 24, 2014

New Zealand Leads The World In Economic Growth But Some Of The Country's Poor Resort To Living In Cars...

According to the number crunching gnomes at Credit Suisse, New Zealand's wealth since the year 2000 has grown more than any other country in the world.
It must be something in the water down under because Australia ranks second.
I'm sure the economists in Auckland, New Zealand's richest city, are patting themselves on the back, congratulating each other and saying how clever they are.
And I'd applaud them too, maybe I will, when we eliminate poverty and reduce the growing gap between the haves and the have nots.
I should live that long.
So people like the Tuuu family of five are not compelled by circumstances beyond their control, to live in their car.
In the country called Aotearoa,
The Land Of The Long White Cloud.
For some, the forecasted future continues to appear bleak with black clouds
and very little sunshine coming their way...


  1. Maybe growth isn't quite the same thing as economic well being.


    1. I suppose it depends on whose economic well being it boils down to. Sadly, though we are all Human Being's, some of us feel a need to grab more of their fair share than others they judge to be less deserving.

  2. This occurs in every country, sadly, but allow me to suggest this couple find a hobby or interest other than reproducing & bringing children into the world they cannot feed or provide for. It is the answer to a lot of their problems. God forbid they have a disabled child that needs special treatment they cannot afford. Then it falls to others to provide the care or the child lives with his/her handicap. Wear a raincoat, Mr. Tuuu.

    1. Out of the mouth the heart speaketh what a ugly heart you have, God for bid but I think that you will be needing that raincoat it's going come fast furious so hold on tight.What you do unto others will come back to you in some shape or form so enjoy the ride.

  3. Anon... Perhaps a little less judgement and a little more care may be the answer to whatever this family's troubles are; whatever caused them to be homeless. Neither you nor I (I would guess) are qualified to tell a family we know nothing about, save what we see on this page, that they should be doing this or that. One size does not fit all. Your needs are not my needs. That is why we have the word "equity". Perhaps I may suggest taking a deep breath, spending some time with some homeless people in your area and just listen to their stories, rather than passing judgement from afar. It will do your soul good

  4. This family is suffering from the break down in Tribal support. They need help, which in Tribal times came from the tribe, and extended family or villiage. The consumer driven society has been singularising every human on the planet since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, when men were taken away from their families to work in factories and mines. The industrialists know that they can sell more products to individuals than to families, that's all.This particular family is a victom, as we all are to a certain extent.
    A thought from Bee.

  5. Mr. Wright: I have spent hundreds of hours w the homeless; spent my life as a Social Worker w the disadvantaged; spend holidays at a Mission serving meals; distribute food boxes & clothing to needy & I have traveled to every arm pit of the world on missions to serve the sick & dying--the last trip to S Sudan, when the little school was bombed. No judgement---just common sense. Is it fair to a baby, w no voice, to bring him into a world of poverty, want, & lacking the most basic needs. I suggest you take a deep breath & recognize that someone needs to speak for the victims.

  6. Anonymous, It's surprising to me that a person that's spent so many years helping the poor and under-priveleged to survive the effects of Greed and unearned Capitalist Wealth & Power speaking as you do! It appears that all those years you claim to have spent in service have been for your own benefit and you've missed the point of the meaning of "Social Service".
    Are you disgruntled that you've had to spend your time in a low paying job? Did you mistakenly accept your role thinking you'd get rich and become famous for the contribution? Do you feel the people you work(ed) with are undeserving of any your organization's help?
    It seems that you prefer to denigrate the people you were supposedly helping for doing a natural part of being cultured with an Island background. Self fulfillment comes from pro-creation and raising a big happy family. Indigenous Families and last I checked anyway, Families within Catholicism / Christianity are required to do the same thing!
    Mana is the pride of being honest and looking after those within your Tribe, Community, Whanau or the expanded Tribe of Humanity that need a "hand up", not a "hand out". It is the same with all mankind's Indigenous Cultures, but seemingly this concept means a different thing within the Caucasian Cultures who are tied to the size of their bank account . Is it your job to judge need, or to decide that those you are there to serve are worthy of your time or expense?
    Sadly, your responses have become all too common in our day and age! Maybe you're doing the job for the wrong reason - to make you feel good about yourself and have surrounded yourself with those that make your job easier. Maybe you are missing the recognition you feel you deserve for giving yourself and your time to what you feel is such a thankless service to your fellow man? If your looking for a thank you - then "Thank You!!!!!"... If your looking for wealth compensation, I humbly suggest you find a more rewarding career path as a Politician or Judge where you'll be surrounded with more like minded people!!
    With a name like "Anonymous" obviously you don't want a Moniker that would accountably tie you to your comments. Here is a suggestion for you that also fits in the Anonymous category - Join the NZ National Party and you can be as Anonymous as John Key, Judith Collins, Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata, and many many more Anonymous People out there that refuse accountability for their actions, but Usurp all the Wealth and Power they can get out of castigating the less fortunate for their own failures.. Kia Ora...

  7. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! YOU are the one who is judging & you could not be more wrong. My father abandoned my mom & me when I was 3 days old & my grandparents cared for me while my mom worked. This was during the depression & my grandpop was a share cropper--meaning we lived in shacks the landowner provided. We ate what we raised & we girls wore feed sack dresses & went barefoot in summer. My grandmother made the only doll I ever had until I was almost 11. My younger aunts & I expected nothing more than an apple at C'mas. We were no worse off than everybody I knew: Everybody had outdoor toilets & drew water from a well. The only heat was fireplaces & my grandmother cooked on a wood stove--in 100 degree weather as well as winter. I was taught from birth, "You are your brother's keeper" & THAT is why I worked to get a college scholarship, worked my way thru Grad school & became a Soc Worker. I assure you, I knew I would not "get rich" or win a popularity contest. The starving children, diseased outcasts, hopeless addicts I reach out for do not know my name or even what country I am from. I do not need to identify myself to respond to blatant ignorance & slanted judgement. My efforts have not been a failure. I have raised an Episcopal priest, a nurse & a special needs teacher & just like me, we taught them that they, too, are their brother's keeper. I assure you, crawling over body parts & hoping every second to find someone alive after 9/11 did NOT inflate my ego, & I was not "surrounded" by people who made me feel good about myself. They were too busy trying to breathe the filthy air, overcome the great sorrow we all experienced & do what we could to help the living. There are thousands like me who feel an obligation to leave the world better than it was when we were born. I wonder what your parents did to you to fill you with such a sense of superiority & arrogance & who gave you the right to judge anybody? You're just another witless blow hard who thinks he has all the answers!

  8. Anonymous, Would I be wrong in assuming that you are an American? Your mention of 911 being a clue for your anonnymity(sp?)... Many years of activism and online participation in interactive Blog discussions have obviously hardened my heart toward Anonymous monikers. IF I am wrong about you and the post I responded to, please accept my heart felt apology. From your aggressive approach to answering my questions as if I was stabbing you in the heart, you come off as a typical Anonymous American...
    I have lived in New Zealand for 24 years. I am an American born Native American / Irish Catholic mix race. I've had the luxury of fair skin and hair throughout my 64 years on Mother Earth and learning the ropes of how the world works from a White-man's perspective.
    Your reply certainly blows my hair back! It appears that you are quite used to defending your opinions with personal attack methods and, as American's prefer to do, you come out swinging with a "Shoot, ready, Aim" approach. I wonder if you even bothered to read my post before tapping out your vitriolic kill the messenger reply? It doesn't appear you gave my reply anything but a scan before executing me. As you may notice if you read my initial reply, I asked questions to qualify my response. I didn't judge you as you feel was the case, I was more curious as to how you felt you could castigate Mr. Tuu for bringing children into the world... My comment of "Sadly, your responses have become all too common in our day and age" must have given you the idea I was being judgemental toward you. It was intended as a broadbrush comment toward the overall attitude of Western Society that seems to fit your Moniker like a glove.
    Mr. Tuu and Family appear to be Pacific Islanders living in New Zealand in the back of a car. Your comment of "This occurs in every country, sadly, but allow me to suggest this couple find a hobby or interest other than reproducing & bringing children into the world they cannot feed or provide for.", was incredibly innapropriate for their circumstances which quite obviously you know nothing about to make such a statement...
    So, if you are not the "Anonymous" making that comment I've made a mistake with the direction of my reply and you're not the right Anonymous.. Whether I've made a mistake or not though, you're out of line in your personal attacks! You don't know me from a bar of Soap Anonymous! Nor do I know you.. From your reply I certainly have no reason to want get to know you at all!!
    As an Ex-Pat American when I come across damaged countrymen who practice such a "Fire, ready, aim" approach in such a typical flag waving poor me and my country- manner, it reaffirms the reason I chose NZ as my home! 911 changed the world not just America.. The aftermath of 911 and the reaction of American's to support Military action and invasion on the Patsy's created as the Scape Goats for such an atrocity by "W" , Israel, and Cheney's War-mongering Cabal resulted in an American exclusive Mob mentality that has done much more to alienate the United States then gain them any ally's...
    Ka Kite` Ano!