Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stephen Gough Won't Stop Taking His Clothes Off...

Former Royal Marine Stephen Gough is also known as The Naked Rambler and in recent times has spent eight years in prison because he refuses to wear clothes in public.
Stephen does a lot of his nude treking with Melanie Roberts and together they appeared on a BBC documentary as they walked
from Lands End to John O'Groats.
Or was it the other way round.
Our nude recidivist has been described as a endearing and harmless man but to the authorities and the upholders of what is evidently right and decent, he's a big problem.
He won't wear clothes in court, spends time,
lots of it, in prison presumably clothed, and as soon as he's freed he takes them all off again.
Then he's arrested again and so it goes.
For a seemingly intelligent man who is obviously right at home in the great outdoors, you have to wonder why he doesn't find a nice piece of land where he can indulge his philosophy of  personal freedom instead of preferring it seems inhabiting the confines of Her Majesty's Penitentiary.
As a Naturist, it would be the last place in the world I'd want to be.
An update. The European Court of Human Rights has just rejected a case brought by Stephen Gough. He took Britain to the Strasbourg-based court on the grounds that his freedom of expression and right to respect for private life had been impinged.
The Naked Rambler said he was disappointed but vowed to continue with his lifestyle,
saying he was brought up to believe he lived in a country that celebrated eccentricity
and differences.
Without the freedom to express our individuality and uniqueness in our own way he said, something inside us dies...


  1. Strange people and strange stories are always fascinating. This man has found his mission in life. But I believe he fight a losing battle. When he becomes old and sit in his rocking chair, I hope he stil will think it was all wotrth it. Or will he perhaps be going on on the battlefields?

  2. I wonder why he is so willing to tilt at this particular windmill? With so much wilderness in New Zealand, surely a loin cloth in public spaces would be preferable to incarceration.

    1. He hangs out in Britain Wil.
      There are many places there he'd be very much at home but he prefers to make his point in public places. I too would prefer a loin cloth to incarceration...

  3. Neither of these two have anything to flaunt. Could it be they find a cot & three hots preferable to actually being a productive member of society? I certainly would not want to be accidentally exposed to these unsightly bodies & I am grateful they are kept out of the public eye. I would be furious if they exposed themselves to children & trust they would prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even the Neanderthals found nakedness & briers in their privates unacceptable & chose to wear animal hides.Whatever inside him that propels him to expose himself NEEDS to die!

  4. Clearly Dear Anonymous needs a day in a naturist facility. Try it, you'll realize you and the rest of society took a very wrong turn a long time ago.
    It's not about flaunting anything, quite the opposite.
    Try loosing the textiles, you can't hide anything and we can all know you for who you really are.
    We don't give a damn about the size of you're belly or any other body parts.
    You'll quickly be very ashamed of your previous post.
    As for naturist children, you won't find better future citizens. Well adjusted and socially bullet proof.
    Try It. You'll like it.

  5. "...the rest of society took a very wrong turn a long time ago."

    I think that's about right. The world seems to have gone a bit bonkers on the supposed need for covering up, which I suspect is imaginary. Surely it's better to treat clothes as a fashion statement, and sometimes a practical necessity, not a moral imperative. As for imperfect bodies - one can't expect naked people all to look like they stepped out of the Playboy Channel; most of us are more on the order of Discovery Channel material. Why should we have a problem dealing with this fact?

  6. Mr. Skin, I am entitled to an opinion w/o being accused of judging! I should be able to take my gtandchildren to the park w/o the risk of Mr. Macho's willie in my face. His freedom to swing his arms ends where my nose begins & I do not have to be subjected to something I find offensive. I went to Grad school with a girl who was raised by nudist parents & she hated them for it. Believe me, she was not "well adjusted" nor socially bullet proof. She couldn't have a normal childhood with friends coming over & sleep-overs because she was so ashamed of her parent's lifestyle & fearful others would find out. Children have no voice. She said she was fondled, groped & photographed against her will & felt used---& years of psychotherapy had not helped. God created Adam & Eve naked & it was beautiful: When they defied Him & chose their own will, Eden was defiled & Adam & Eve realized they were naked so God made them clothing. We do not live in a world where we can do as we please with no consideration for others. To deliberately break the law is criminal. I am sure these two are ostracized & mocked because they are not resisting the law for any moral or monumental cause; Rather, like children, they want to do as they please, & screw anybody who does not agree with them.

  7. Als ze het koord vastmaakt, zou het mooi tussen haar kutlipjes en kontje door naar achteren lopen. Alleen bij het plassen zou ze het even opzij kunnen doen