Thursday, October 9, 2014

Here's How You Can Build Your Own Bamboo Bicycle...

Bamboo bicycles are nothing new but the relatively new kid on the block, the Singapore company Bamboobee, wants to make it easy for everyone to be able to ride around on a beautiful bamboo bike they've made themselves.
All the bits and pieces to make the frame are in the box but I don't know where the wheels, the handlebars, the seat and a few other minor components are.
You might have a look here and here.
Perhaps they're optional extras...


  1. Lovely natural concept, but as you say you would hae to buy all the other bits from a Bike shop, so the $170.00 for the frame would only be the starting cost. Good luck to them for inventing another use for the trusty Bamboo......

  2. I would prefer to have a bamboo rickshaw for my cheap transportation but the wife has a bad knee and not much of a passing gear these days.

  3. Think I'll just let Schwinn keep on making the bikes I buy my grandchildren. I have a Schwinn that I have been riding over 40 years & other than replacing tires a few times, it's still sturdy--& pink!.